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Racism as a Social Determinant of Equity - Shared screen with speaker view
Kyle Crowder
Hi, Wendy. Looking forward to your talk!
Sara Curran
Hi Scott!
Sara Curran
Dr. Barrington’s talk is recorded and you will be able to review the talk on this site https://csde.washington.edu/newsevents/seminar-recordings/
Sara Curran
Hi Fabrizio - can you put these thoughts and comments in the Q&A window. Your comments in this box can only be seen by the panelists and not all of the participants. If you put your comments in the Q&A window, everyone will see them and share insight from you
Sara Curran
please indicate that you want to speak by raising your hand with the hand raising icon
Angela Lam
question for Wendy. Are their training at UW for healthcare
Angela Lam
students? how about anti-racism in the workplace? thanks
Sara Curran
Wendy - thank you for this wonderful presentation. I love the iceberg metaphor! Plus, it was so nice to have enough time to talk together!